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Monday, July 7, 2008

New ways of networking

I'm always looking for new ways of getting my name out there in the blogosphere. I've joined a few blogging directories, a couple social networks, and the occasional meet-and-great. I've had some success with a few of these places, but I'm still not famous. LOL

I've joined Twitter, and it's a ok place, but there are a lot of bugs and it seems that they spend more time down, than online. But, I still check them out, leave my little notes of non-interest, and read the stuff of others. But now I'm gonna try a new place I've been hearing about called FriendFeed.

I've only been using FriendFeed for a couple of days, so I can't really say whether it's worth the hype or not. But, it's free and that always grabs my attention. LOL. The thing I do like about the site is that I can upload all the feeds from all my blogs. Plus I can add my stumbleupon id, my digg id, and any others that I have, so my subscribers can see everything I'm doing.

I'm hoping that it brings in some new readers. I guess we'll see. LOL. If you've got either twitter or friendfeed, add me to your list. You can find me as sapheyerblu at twitter, and ChristineSenter at FriendFeed.

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Huggie said...

Have you tried It's like Twitter, but it's more fun...granted there aren't nearly as many members as there are on Twitter.