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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Grand Opening Contest at Feed Flare

Hey Ya'll!!!!! I wanted to run over here real quick and let everyone know that my friend Collin has just announced a huge contest at his new site, Feed Flare. This site has only been on the radar for about a month now, but he's bringing in some massive numbers.

Feed Flare is a cool site about how to grow your RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, numbers. He also gives great tips on which feeds work best, as well as offers great deals if you would like to Advertise with Feed Flare. Even though I've been doing this for about a year now, I've learned a few things from Collin that I did not know before.

As for the contest, Collin has tons of prizes which have been donated from bloggers all over the sphere. Featured contest sponsor-Dat Money-is donating a customized banner design in the size of your choice. There are many more prizes to be won, donated by bloggers such as featured contest sponsor-My Radical Blogs, BluFur WebHosting, and even a by yours truly.

There is a lot of stuff to be won in this contest, so get over there and get yourself signed up, and good luck.


Collin - Feed Flare said...

Your in Hun, great post. I will send your email addy to the host of the One Buck Wiki and get you your page.

sapheyerblu said...

Whoo Hoo!!!!!

I'd dancing in my ergonomic chair.

(It's no wonder my kids think I'm loony)