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Sunday, February 24, 2008

I am such an old hippie

I've been sitting here all night, getting my posts done at all my other blogs and listening to all my favorite tunes I've got saved on my puter. As one song blends into the next, it dawned on me that the music I listen to is almost 30 years old. OMG, I'm so old.

In my opinion, they quit making good music in the mid 80's. My favorite tunes all come from the mid to late 70's and some from the early 80's. And yes, I know that's telling the world just how old I really am, but I've always had a thing for the music of the mid to late 70's. I'm the youngest of 3 girls, and I had a bad habit of stealing their records when I was a kid. LOL

I was listening to some of the things my kids listen to, and heard my father's voice come out of my face in the form of "you can't understand a word they're saying". I remember the first time my mom heard the song "Dirty Laundry" by Don Henley. She freaked. She couldn't believe that they were so hard up for songs that they were talking about playing with someone's dirty laundry. LOLOLOLOL

Oh well, I guess I'll just live in the past and revel in my music. So while you're all reading this post, I'll be shaking my groove thing and partying like it's 1999.


Homemom3 said...

You old? Haha, my kids say I am and my parents always said I was an old soul. See I listen to beach songs, ya know those old summer songs like, "Itsy Bitsy Bikini". I always drum out to The Beatles, Deep Purple, The Beach Boys and of course my all time favorite, "Elvis." Oh and Dolly Parton. :)

sapheyerblu said...

OMG, Deep Purple. Love that group. I have a thing for the old 70's Southern Rock. Groups like Molly Hatchet, Lynard Skynard, The Allman Brothers.

I'll always be a Beatles fan. In fact, I got to watch their movie "Hard Day's Night" the other day. My daughter watched it with me and was like "Wow mom, they were cute way back then". LOL She thinks George was the cute one, but I had a thing for John. ;)

Baby Boomer Rock and Roll said...

I must be an older hippie. I go all the way back to the music of late 60's and all of the 70's. At my site you can hear some of the stuff I like.