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Friday, December 21, 2007

Do you believe in God?

I do. This was one of those days where I should have just stayed in bed. I had to have my son at the school at 6:30 this morning as we were going to a wrestling tournament in a little town in the middle of nowhere.

After dropping him off, I got back home to find out that my neighbor's dogs had gotten loose, so I was helping to chase dogs around in the snow even before the sun had come up. Got the dogs all pinned back up, and started getting myself and my daughter ready to go to the meet. On the way, my truck started making a strange sound. Instantly I knew that we needed to get a quart of oil or we were going to be in trouble. Got that taken care of and headed down the road. The sky was clear and the sun was shining.

Once we got to the meet, I noticed that it was starting to get cloudy and the wind was picking up pretty bad. But, that's Nebraska. LOL Anyway, I watched my son wrestle and was a proud mom. Even though he lost his first match, he pinned his second opponent. I was screaming and jumping up and down like a crazy woman. I checked the weather once again, and it was now snowing and the wind was blowing at around 20 mph.

We decided to watch my son's last match, which he won in points (20-9). By this time, it was starting to get dark and it looked like a blizzard outside. We decided to head out and try to make it home. Keep in mind, I'm 50 miles from home. Conditions were severe, visibliity was zero, and my tires suck. We did pretty good for the most part. That is until my daughter noticed a light in the darkness and said that it looked like someone had run off the road. I looked over for just a moment, then looked back at the road to see that we were going sideways down the road.

I didn't panic. I wasn't driving very fast anyway, because of the blinding snow. So, I very carefully tried to correct the problem only to find that I was riding on a sheet of solid ice. I just let things flow, and we ended up in the ditch without injury or damage to the truck. I sat there for a few minutes, trying to get my daughter to calm down and not to show how scared I really was. Finally, I put my truck in reverse and got right back on the road. That's when I really got scared. I put the truck in 1st gear, and the whole thing shut down. The motor died, I had no lights, no flashers, no nothing.

I went back into neutral and instantly, the lights came back on. I hit the ignition and the truck started right back up. There were other cars around us by then. The bad part is that there was no car off the road, other than mine. We ended up following the other cars and finally got back home. I've never been so happy to see my house.

I truly believe that God was watching out for my daughter and I tonight. He kept me from panicing at the wrong time, He got my truck running again, and He brought my family all together again. I thank God that I can write this post tonight.


Huggie said...

WOW! I'm sorry to hear about the events of the day, but I'm really glad you and your family is okay! And as long as we're at it, I'm glad your truck is okay (though it's obviously not as important as your family, but still a plus)! Ever hear of "Footprints in the Sand"? Sounds like it was Footprints in the Snow for you. :)

Garry Conn said...

God works in mysterious ways... :)

also... to add some humor to the situation, I think everyone should be required to drive for a minimum of one year in the snow before being able to get their license. I lived in Chicago for over 4 years and left that place well knowing how to drive a vehicle.

Rolling with the flow of the car was your best move... if you fight a spin you'll make matters much worse. It is an acquired instinct to learn to actually go "against your natural instinct" in situations like that.

Awesome work with your expert driving skills... there truly is only one Christine Senter and I am glad that God gave you the keen ability to do what you did.

With that being said... go get some freaking new tires!!!! LOL!!!

sapheyerblu said...

@ Garry,

Thank you honey. I'll be honest, it was all I could do to keep from just freaking out and slamming on the brakes. Which is why I think God took over the wheel. LOL

@ Huggie,

I love the "Footprints in the Sand" poem. And the ironic part is that when I put my dog out this morning, I noticed a set of footprints in the snow leading to my backdoor. I thought it was odd as the snow around the footprints is completely undisturbed. Then I read your comment about and thought, "Wow, He did carry me home".

Thanks guys.

silken said...

such good news! glad everyone is safe. and the footprints in the snow is awesome! :)

Sire said...

Sure I believe in God and I'm glad he guided you home safely. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

sapheyerblu said...

@ silken,

Thanks hon. I agree about the footprints. I thought it was strange that there were footprints in the snow as we'd been gone all day. I think Huggie got it right.

@ Sire,

It's nice to know that there are others out there who still believe in God. Merry Christmas to you too, my friend.

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