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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Nebraska's Head Coach Gets Fired

Well, it's official. Nebraska's head coach, Bill Callahan, has been fired. I can tell you that every Husker fan across the state is throwing a party right now.

When Callahan first came to Nebraksa, he'd been a pro football coach and thought he could run a college team the same way he'd ran his pro team. Doesn't work that way. He apparently forgot that these players were still kids, still in school, and played the game for the love of the game. It's not a business in college ball, it's a passion. Sure, a few of the players will go on to play pro football, but most of them will probably go on to pursue normal careers.

As of right now, there is no word as to what UNL is going to do for a new head coach, but after suffering one of the worst seasons in the school's history, it has to get better. With any luck, next year, Nebraska will be a winning team once more.


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