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Sunday, August 5, 2007

My daily happy post

I know I should be "selling" cars, but I'm taking a break to post my "happy" things for the day.

Ok, where do I start? Let's see. I learned something today. I've always heard that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but I really did learn something today. While researching the specs on a lot of the European cars on my list, I realized that they don't use the terms "horsepower" or "foot pounds", no, for their cars, they rate the engine's power in kilowatts and rate the torque in Newtons. I had absolutely NO idea what the heck that was, so I did some extra research and guess what. I now know how to convert newtons into foot pounds and I know how to convert kilowatts into horsepower.

Now I know that most of you out there probably already know how to do this, and I'm one of the few in the world that didn't grasp all this in high school, here's how it's done.
Take the kW number and multiply it by 1.34 and that gives you your horsepower
(kW# x 1.34=hp)
For newton you figure your Nm number and multiply it by 0.7376 and that will give you your foot pounds of pressure.
(Nm# x 0.7376=ft. lbs.)
I also learned how to convert kilometers into miles. Simply take the km number and divide it by 1.609, and you'll have your distance in miles.
(Km# / 1.609=miles)
If my math teacher in high school had made it this easy, I wouldn't have taken 8th grade twice. LOL

Ok, on to something more entertaining. I have a bad habit of checking my google ranking on a nightly basis. I enjoy torturing myself. LOL. Anyway, since the last update, my
other blog had a ranking of 1 out of 10. That was until last night. I checked it again, and it showed that I now have a 0. I totally freaked. I was so upset that I nearly threw a hammer through my monitor. Of course, I didn't, but I was really pissed about it. Well, today, thanks to Brown Baron, I went over to the "iWebTool" site and typed in the address and it showed that my site is still listed at 1 out of 10, and better yet, it predicts that I'll have a PR of 4 on the next update. I'm not going to hold my breath, but I was happy to see that my site didn't backslide and Google didn't blackball me for some reason. Whew!!!

Ok, that's my happy list for the day. I need to get some more articles posted for Garry, but I'm taking it kind of easy today.


Brown Baron said...

I'm glad you're not worried anymore haha. Thanks for the mention :)

sapheyerblu said...

Thank YOU for letting me rant on your site.

I feel much better. Who would have thought I'd get all flustered over some silly little numbers.

silken said...

I did have a site that went down in PR. it bummed me, but I've done all I know to do...

sapheyerblu said...

It makes you nuts, doesn't it. Oh, like age, it's just a number