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Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Unstoppable Danny Pink

I was running through the sites of some of my cyber-buddies and stopped to read the comments on a post from Danielle. I love this girl's sense of humor. She's a riot.

As I read her comment, I had a story form in my mind. So this, my friends, is the first episode of the adventures of The Unstoppable Danny Pink. Will there be future episodes? That depends on her.

The Unstoppable Danny Pink

The late autumn sun began to set, as the large tank lumbered upon the horizon. The citizens of Bloggersville watched in awe as the metal beast grew closer. They noticed that it began to slow, stopping at the edge of their community.

The deafening roar ceased abruptly, leaving only piercing silence. Faintly, a squeaking sound was heard as the hatch door began to open. An enchanting woman dressed in pink emerged from within. She pulled herself atop the steel steed and addressed the wide-eyed blogsfolk.

"Citizens of Bloggesville", she announced, "I am the Unstoppable Danny Pink, and I have come to rid this sphere from the clutches of the One-Mind. No longer will you need to be the same. Never again will you all have to look alike in order to belong, for I possess the power of schmooze".

The citizens of Bloggersville stood quietly mesmerized. They had dreamed of a world filled with adversity, but hadn’t thought it possible. The One-Mind had a firm grip on most of their world. More and more, things had began to merge into one idea, one mission, one mind.

The lady in pink stood proud, wisps of hair dancing in the breeze beneath her pink hat. "Good people, it’s time fight the One-Mind. I will give you the power to diversify. I’ll give you new ideas to ponder. Together, we can beat the One-Mind and live in a society of exchanged knowledge and creative expression. Join me as we enter a new era".

The blogspeople rejoiced in the cyber-streets as they witnessed the dawning of a new age. Will this endeavor come to pass? Will our Pink Queen lead the way to a revolution? Find out on our next episode of The Unstoppable Danny Pink.


Danielle said...

I laughed so much I cried! And now I can't stop. Honestly I have tears in my eyes! You are awesome! :D

sapheyerblu said...


I'm so glad you like it. When I read that post at your site, this whole thing just sort of, came to me.

Danielle said...

So great! I love how little things can trigger one's imagination. Ah, the wonders and innovations of the human mind!

sapheyerblu said...

Very True,

However, you have to understand that my mind doesn't always work like everybody else's. LOL

Mike said...

Hehehe...that was awesome :) The pink queen of schmooze. That would definitely be Danielle ;D

Sugar Queens Dream said...

This was an awesome post!

sapheyerblu said...

@ Sugar Queen-
Thanks hon. It just popped into my brain. LOL

@ Mike-
You're right, that is our little Danielle. She truly deserves the title. LOL

Danielle said...

I had to come back and reread it - I am about it to my "I get around" page cause it's too awesome! (I have used awesome in the past 4 comments I have made today!)

sapheyerblu said...


You go right ahead, hon. I'm really glad you liked it.

And it's ok to use the term awesome. Because if you didn't, I'd be, like, totally bummed, dude.


Tina said...

Great story!!When is the next one?

sapheyerblu said...

I've been working on another episode, but haven't gotten it done just yet.

I'm sure Danielle would love a second istallment. LOL hhhhhmmmmmm, might have to work on that this weekend.

Love you, baby girl